PI: Luke Zoet (he/him) CV

Dean L. Morgridge Endowed Chair

I’m Lucas (Luke) Zoet, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geoscience, and I hold appointments in Geological Engineering and the American Indian Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Phone: 608-262-1921

Grad student expectation guidelines document 

Postdoc: Dougal Hansen

Postdoc studying glacial slip and glacial erosion

Transition of Tsunami-Like Waves from Basin to Out-Flowing ...

Postdoc: Sam Salemink-Harry

Postdoc studying wave interactions with lake ice using experiments

Grad student: Jeremy Brooks

PhD student co-advised with Shaun Marcott studying glacial erosion

Grad student: Chelsea Volpano

PhD student studying coastal sediment transport

Grad student: Francisca Nùñez Ferreira

MS student studying subglacial hydrology in eskers

Grad student: Natasha Morgan-Witts

PhD student studying glacial slip and grounding zone dynamics

Grad student: Anya Wolterman

PhD student studying wave erosion of ice. Lead advisor Nimish Pujara

Grad student: Collin Roland

PhD student studying coastal bluff erosion

Grad student: Jaiden Zak

PhD student studying glacial seismology and fault mechanics, Working on the GHOST project

Grad student: Samuel Marcus

PhD student studying glacial dynamics and subglacial erosion, Working on the Lake Superior Lobe

Current Undergrad Researchers


Jillian Prescott (Geoscience), working on glacial landforms


Kyle Williams (Geophysics), working on glacial sliding


Alex Tovar (Environmental Sciences), working on ice wave erosion

Lab Alumni

Jacob Woodard, MSc, PhD

Dougal Hansen PhD

Nate Stevens PhD

Ian McBrearty, MSc

Russ Krueger, MSc

Collin Roland, MSc

Chelsea Volpano, MSc

Sef Dodge, MSc

Nolan Barrette, B.S.

Nathan Boreland, B.S.

Cam Shepherd, B.S.

Eve Meltzer, B.S.

Laura Arneson, B.S.

Matt O’Boyle, B.S.

Alex Horvath, B.S.

Alex Idarraga, B.S.

Allie Stephens, B.S.

Lillian Smith, B.S.

Lindsay Summers B.S.

Savannah Lipinski B.S.